… but the troops were dazzled

We bought Rufus a new coat at the craft fair last weekend. The one he wore home from the kennel is nice, but more of a spring/fall coat which wouldn’t be warm enough for the snowy winter we’re expecting. Because we’re indulgent (having no kids to spend money on), this new coat is an extra-special model, complete with a snood.

With snood in place, Ru reminded me of someone, but it took a few minutes before I realized he’s descended from royalty:

8 Replies to “… but the troops were dazzled”

  1. He doesn’t have Kate’s poise, but he can really pass a pair of eyes (as the Cajuns say) when he wants to!

  2. I hope you like peanut butter, Claudia.

    I don’t know, Jess. I’d like to see any one of them try to take away his rawhide. 🙂

  3. cute picture that was educational for me. when someone says “snood” in the future, I’ll have a clue.

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