Day 25, Merry Christmas

Thank you so much for joining me these past 25 days! It's been an enjoyable, if exhausting, ride. I wish you all a very merry Christmas (or just a happy December 25th if you're not of the Christian faith) and the best new year yet! I'll probably take a few weeks off, but hope to pop in now … Continue reading

Day 24, Southern-Style Cornbread

It's a little late to be giving out recipes for homemade gifts, and no doubt your Christmas menu has been planned for a while, so here's something to keep in mind for New Year's Day. It's a naturally gluten-free creamed corn cornbread from none other than Alton Brown, and it'll be the perfect … Continue reading

Day 23, Pralines

You didn't think I'd let Christmas go by without pralines, did you? I'm not capable of such cruelty. I always tweak the original recipe ever so slightly. This year, I toasted the pecans before adding them to the sugar mixture. That simple step yielded tons of pecan flavor and has earned … Continue reading

Day 22, Alfajores

Hmmmm. These cookies, these cookies, these cookies… I've had alfajores in the back of mind ever since Matt Armendariz first posted about them five years ago. I finally got around to making them this week, but my experience with them was mixed. Oh, they were delicious, as you'd expect from … Continue reading

Day 21, Rosemary Syrup

My friend Kasha came over yesterday to hang out, do a little cooking, and help me with styling a few things, but it was one of those star-crossed days in the kitchen — my chicken was dry, the caramel sauce didn't set before sundown, and the rosemary syrup didn't make it entirely into the jar. … Continue reading