Cassoulet of Anger and Acceptance

Lots of emotion went into this dish. Anger (This weather is pissing me right off.) Hope (Something comfort food-y would give The Finger to this snow!) Dejection (But said snow has made it impossible to drive to the store.) Acceptance (Maybe I'm stuck, but there must be odds and ends … Continue reading

A Very Special Mid-Week Post

< cue swelling strings > OK, it's not really special at all -- just a garden-variety post -- but if you've been here before, you'll know I only update once a week at most. This is me trying to be better about that sort of thing. Another change for the better? Instead of my annual … Continue reading

Redo weekend

Sometimes it's a good idea to revisit old favorites. I've been really blah with overtones of meh lately about pretty much everything including preparing meals. Like Milli Vanilli, I'll blame it on the rain, but that doesn't make the prospect of cooking any more exciting. So what's a girl to do … Continue reading

new post

Hey, all. I owe you a big wrap-up of our last week or so, but my mind is elsewhere today. Ru was attacked by a neighbor's dog yesterday on his afternoon stroll with the dog walker and is at the animal hospital awaiting surgery this morning. Gil's out of town until tomorrow, so I'm just waiting by … Continue reading