Cup4Cup Week: The Biscuits

While pie-baking has long vexed me, biscuits only began to do so when I went gluten-free. In my mind, biscuits are the true test of a gluten-free flour blend, because none I've tried to this point has given me an acceptable biscuit, much to my eternal Southern disappointment. No amount of cane … Continue reading

From the Market: Think Pink Edition

When the unrelenting greigeness of the winter landscape weighs heavily on my soul, especially so in March when my internal calendar — still set to Southern seasonal rotations, even after all these years — says the world should be warm and bursting with life, I dream of color. By May, our … Continue reading

Good morning

I worked up a batch of gluten-free biscuits this morning, adapted from Ms. Edna Lewis's recipe. They were just a touch dry so I'll add more buttermilk next time, but they went down just fine with a little Meyer lemon curd (much more on which later). Happy first day of … Continue reading

Some spring cleaning

Hello, and welcome to Spring! We had CRAZYGOOD weather this weekend, which finally gave me the kick in the pants I needed to cook/take pictures again. Those winter doldrums are no joke, and my whole existence turned into a daily grind just to make it through. But here I am on the other side, and … Continue reading

Slap yo’ mama

Confession time: I wasn't raised on anything even resembling homemade biscuits, an especially shameful admission for a Southerner. The closest to "from scratch" my family ever got was Bisquick, but more often Dad would crack open a can of flaky biscuits and call it breakfast. So I don't know … Continue reading