Panettone Bread Pudding

Anyone who's been around this blog for a while knows I'm a huge fan of bread pudding. It might've even been my first dessert-love, especially the way my grandma made it — just a touch sweet, with meringue on top, served with evaporated milk poured over the top. (Because you cannot separate a … Continue reading

Oh. Mah. Gah.

To celebrate Gil's 38th birthday tomorrow, I thought I'd treat him to dinner this evening at a nearby restaurant with the excellent and unusual reputation of fine French dining in a casual strip mall atmosphere. Sadly, today's snow closed the restaurant prematurely and we had to reschedule for … Continue reading

’08 Advent Calendar, Day 2

Apples are a particular favorite of mine this time of year. Varieties range from sweet to tart, they can be used for snacking out of hand, baking, mashing, or even braising, and they pair equally well with sweet or savory ingredients. They're extra-delicious in caramelized apple bread pudding, … Continue reading

Nifty, thrifty leftovers

Those of you who are sick to death of bread pudding, feel free to skip this post. Maybe it's uninspired, but when a dish is this open to interpretation, it's a slam dunk when I'm not feeling terribly creative. So when my friend NJ showed up at work today with a bag of Zadie's whole wheat challah … Continue reading

Another bread pudding recipe

I know, I know, broken record -- but it's that time of year again, isn't it? The farmers' market had loads of beautiful organic apples, so I consulted with the seller and bought a few opalescents. Isn't that a great name, by the way? It seemed impossible to go wrong making brunch with them, like … Continue reading