The Whitest Soup

Until I posted this picture on my Facebook page last week, I had NO idea that there are people in this world who don't like white foods! Taste and texture issues? Sure, we all have them — I despise mint and don't like mix-ins in my ice cream — but it never occurred to me that one color could … Continue reading

Homework, and cauliflower

The past two days were less about vacationing (as intended) than about taking a break from my routine and working from home. Still, it was pleasant enough to sleep in a little and not deal with a hellish commute. Ugh, I sound like such a Pollyanna. On Day 2 of my "vacation," I decided a … Continue reading

Busy day soup

When I know it's going to be an especially busy week for me, complete with late nights and long commutes, I like to plan at least a couple of easy meals that can be prepared quickly when I get home. Often, these take the form of picnics in the living room -- a selection of cheeses, maybe salami, … Continue reading