Just when I think I’m out …

Food & Wine pulls me back in! After discovering that their automatic subscription renewal plan didn’t work again for the second year in a row, I decided to let my subscription lapse. It’s not like we don’t get our fair share of magazines each month, so I didn’t think I’d miss this one.

Then I got the most recent issue — the issue which happens to be All About Italy. Sigh. As I read through it for the third time this week, I realized there wasn’t a spread that didn’t contain something I wanted to try, so try something I did yesterday afternoon (after securing another AC-related early release from work). All of the tomato-based recipes looked outstanding and I was especially lusting over the pappa al pomodoro, but our local grocery had a pitiful stash of tomatoes, so I went for the next best thing: creamy sun-dried tomato soup!


It was scrumptious, with a silky texture and complexity of flavor that belied the simplicity of the dish. The basil moustache was my own addition, but otherwise, I made the soup as written. This one is going in the file for those nights when a full-fledged meal is out, but I want something more than picnic food.

Now to renew that subscription…

recipe after the jump

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