Who Doesn’t Love a Meatball?

I've been sitting on this post since summer, but now that the most revered holiday of leftovers is approaching, I thought it was a good time to bring it out. This is one technique you'll want in your arsenal the day after Thanksgiving. We've been making an effort to cut down on our meat … Continue reading

Day 17, Roast Lemon Chicken

When the time comes to roast a chicken, I tend to go one of two ways — Zuni or Thomas Keller — depending on how early I can get my act together. (My act getting-togetherness being what it is, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that I default to Keller.) They're both foolproof recipes that … Continue reading

Yep, More Chicken

Hi, it's me, your favorite disappearing blogger! I've been tied up with work and taking care of the doggies while Gil's away this week, but I didn't want to let too much time pass before posting about this heavenly dish -- skillet rosemary chicken. I still haven't quite figured out what makes … Continue reading

Sunday Dinner

Sometimes it's best just to keep things simple, especially when trick-or-treating starts before 4pm around here. Zuni roast chicken, mixed greens salad with parm & persimmon and sautéed mixed mushrooms. recipe (and doggie Halloween pics) after the jump … Continue reading

Mother and child reunion

A couple of months ago, I was inspired by Maggie Mason's Mighty Life List (a Bucket List for the young, healthy and positive-minded) to make my own (though I'm not so young and some might argue the other two points). As you probably could guess, quite a few cooking-related items are on there, … Continue reading