Grain-Free Tabbouleh Salad

Things have been moving a little slow at the junction this weekend, though not from any laziness on my part. See, my ass is broken. Not broke — though the money situation could always be better — but brokEN. I had the bright idea of taking a 5 1/2-mile hike with Gil and the boys last Friday … Continue reading

A Very Special Mid-Week Post

< cue swelling strings > OK, it's not really special at all -- just a garden-variety post -- but if you've been here before, you'll know I only update once a week at most. This is me trying to be better about that sort of thing. Another change for the better? Instead of my annual … Continue reading

Something old, something new

This isn't your halmoni's yuk gae jang. I've been in love with Korean cooking for years, ever since I dated a Korean cowboy-type from Tulsa during my days of indentured servitude in grad school. He came from a family of amazing cooks and it really showed. Being me, I learned everything I could … Continue reading

The beet and the coconut

It's not unusual to plan a meal around one ingredient, I think. You find a beautiful cut of grass-fed beef or see a flat of ruby red strawberries and the wheels start spinning as you think about the best way to highlight their natural beauty. This sort of thinking influenced a couple of our meals … Continue reading

Chickpea & spinach curry

Keeping with our decision to eat mostly meatless around here, I turned to the meat of the legume kingdom for dinner tonight -- the chickpea! What? You've never heard of that? Anyway, I just love 'em; they're one of the few beans I really don't mind eating canned, mainly because I'm too … Continue reading