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Gingered Pomelo Sorbet

Pomelo Sorbet with Ginger

Do you do pomelo? The first time I had one, I had no idea about the pith situation, nor the thick skin on the segments and had a time with it. I’d heard they were delicious, saw one at a market, and picked it up for lunch thinking it’d be a nutritious option and I’d get to try something new to boot. Hah! Back in my office, I went to work peeling it with the steak knife I had in my drawer. And I kept working. And peeling, and working, and peeling. Until finally — no lie, about 10 minutes later — I got to the good stuff! I never made the mistake of tackling one outside of my own kitchen again, and have gotten more adept at it over time, but still don’t have them as often as I should.

Then a month or so ago, Darcie mentioned that she wanted to do a tutorial on prepping pomelo (which, by the way, is a terrific guide). I casually mentioned that maybe we should do a sorbet with the sections, and the next thing I knew, she’d come up with an amazing recipe. Let me tell you, it pays to be friends with a recipe developer!

Gingered Pomelo Sorbet

It was an overcast day, so we decided to use natural light to give the photos a soft feel. I really enjoyed taking a break from my strobes, which I’ve come to rely on even when going for a daylight look; it was nice to get back to my magic window and take a WYSIWYG approach to lighting. The props and backgrounds came together easily as well once we saw the prepared sorbet. The […]

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A Cheery Citrus Salad

Savory Citrus Salad | Amy Roth Photo

When the dark days of winter come around, I love to supplement my braise-heavy diet with liberal amounts of citrus, but sometimes straight fruit can be a little too sugary. This is certainly the case now that I’ve cut extraneous sugar from my diet. These days, fruit feels like an indulgence, a treat for a job well done. So I’ve been hooked on savory citrus salads, like the one pictured above. There isn’t even a real recipe because I use what’s available at my local grocery store, but here you see baby spinach leaves, sliced clementines, thinly sliced fennel and pomegranate arils with a light ponzu dressing, which is nothing more than one part tamari, two parts ponzu sauce and three parts olive oil. It’s excellent with grapefruit or pomelo instead of clementines, or with oil-cured black olives, avocado, and/or thinly sliced red onion added to the mix. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with this basic format: Citrus + salad greens + savory/salty element. Give it a try!

What are your favorite ways to dress up citrus?

Leave a comment below so I can expand my lunch choices!

One of my goals for this year is to diversify my photography offerings. In hopes of doing just that, I recently entered a contest sponsored by Minted in conjunction with West Elm to find a new generation of photo prints to sell in stores and online. Voting opened yesterday and will end next Wednesday, February 11th at 1pm ET. I’d love it if you could pop over and vote for any (or all) of my submissions if you like what you see. Clicking on the images below will take you to their corresponding pages at the Minted […]

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Gluten-Free Lemon Cake

Gluten-Free Lemon Cake | Minimally Invasive

If there’s one thing I hope I’ve made clear in this blog over the years, it’s that I hope you’re having fun in the kitchen and aren’t afraid to make substitutions. (Or is that two things? Oh, well.) Unless it’s a main ingredient like beef when I want to make pot roast, I don’t mind swapping out ingredients if I have something on hand that sounds appropriate.

Take this sunny, gluten-free lemon cake from Serious Eats. I haven’t had a great deal of luck with gluten-free cakes in the past, but this recipe sounded simple and intriguing enough for me to give it another go…with changes. I don’t often like the texture of cakes made with oil (and don’t keep vegetable oil in the house, anyway), so I used butter instead. I could’ve melted it to keep things simple, but wasn’t sure if that would leave me with the same texture I was trying to avoid, so I creamed it together with some sugar and hoped for the best. It smelled great and looked just fine coming out of the oven, so I was halfway there.

And then neither of the topping options sounded very good to me, so I whipped up a lemony cream cheese frosting that I thought would complement the cake. And it was tasty, but the cake’s texture was a little spongier than I like. But when I woke up the next morning, I gave it another try and was really happy to see that the cake had evolved overnight into something softer, almost pudding-like, probably the result of the humid weather we’re having. So I wholeheartedly recommend this recipe, especially if you like bright, lemon flavor without a lot of sweetness. […]

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Spring is right around the corner.

It really is.

You gotta have faith.

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A GOOP apologist


In the late 90s, when the first anti-Gwyneth Paltrow backlash was in the news gossip pages, one of my contrarian friends made the conscious decision to become a Paltrow supporter. If something negative came up (and working at a sports magazine with grizzled black-hearted former newspapermen, it did), he’d extol her virtues, her beauty, her cerebral screen presence — basically, anything he could do to get under a detractor’s skin.

Now that the second wave of backlash has come around, I think I might just find myself taking on his old role. Like many people, I signed up for the GOOP newsletter looking for a laugh, but something odd happened — I didn’t always delete them. In fact, I’ve kept nearly every recipe sent from the beginning. (I make no such claim about the lifestyle or shopping tips, but this is a food blog after all.) And let’s be honest — who among us wouldn’t want to be in her position, culinarily speaking? She’s buds with Batali hisownself and probably picked up a thing or two traveling through Spain with him. So when she speaks (and mentions him in the newsletter), I listen.

Last week’s menu featured a few dishes from a meal she had at his home — a meal to which Emeril was invited, btw. Yes, the eyes do roll, but damn, this meal sounded pretty fabulous. And it didn’t disappoint, even with a few changes made to the menu. The chicken dish pictured above is a Spanish affair, complete with thinly sliced onions, lemons and fennel sautéed together with white wine and pimenton, then roasted in the oven. As if all of that weren’t enough, the whole cloves of garlic that baked and softened […]

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’08 Advent Calendar, Day 17

Presenting my new love, the pomelo, dressed up in brulée for the holidays. Doesn’t this look like some fabulous ensemble Shirley MacLaine would’ve worn in What a Way to Go?

For the 2007 Advent Calendar, click here.

recipe after the jump


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