A berry good weekend


Another trip to the farmers’ market this weekend yielded many goodies, including a quart of lovely strawberries. A quart is a lot for two people to go through before the berries begin to spoil, so I started cooking with them right away.

While The Official MI Husband was away on a hike yesterday, I took advantage of the time alone to photograph my produce bounty and make a wonderful strawberry frozen yogurt. It’s so simple and so delicious, I can’t imagine why I’d ever buy the premade stuff again — all I did was mix whole milk yogurt, some vanilla sugar I’d made a few weeks ago with an old vanilla bean pod, almond extract, and sliced strawberries and let the ice cream maker do its thing. The recipe I adapted calls for Greek-style yogurt, but I didn’t bother straining mine; I prefer the soft-serve consistency regular yogurt yields.

But, sadly, the frozen yogurt barely made a dent in the strawberries. Add to it the blueberries I found on sale at our local market and the potential for spoilage was nearing crisis proportions. Luckily, I happened across a shortcake recipe on the Cooking Light website which saved the day. The only change I made was substituting creme fraiche for the horrid low-fat whipped topping the recipe called for. P-tooey! The lowfat shortcakes were perfectly shortcakey — the crispy crust protected a light and moist interior, and the bite from the lemon zest really complemented the fruit fillings. I’d say this healthier recipe was really the way to go.



I know there are people out there who think dessert isn’t complete without chocolate, but this is my kind of treat. Fresh berries and cream. Mmmm … I think it’s time for a second helping.

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