Panna Cotta

Gil and I go to Fairway entirely too often, or more frequently than we need to, anyway. It's usually because Gil's running low on the only dried figs that meet his standards, but if you turn me loose in a well-stocked grocery, I'm going to do some damage whether I have a list or not. Gil and I … Continue reading

Cup4Cup Week: The Bread

FOOTBALL! FOOTBALL! FOOTBALL! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Even though the taint of the Saints' scandal lingers and I'm still smarting from the BCS championship game last January, I can't help but be excited for the start of the season. We Saints/Tigers fans are an optimistic … Continue reading

Cup4Cup Week: The Cake

After the biscuit victory, I was hooked — is there anything this flour can't do? The next test was a little unfair, simply because the cake recipe I chose uses a lot of butter and juicy nectarines and it'd be tough for any gluten-free flour not to shine under those conditions. Still, summer's … Continue reading

Cup4Cup Week: The Biscuits

While pie-baking has long vexed me, biscuits only began to do so when I went gluten-free. In my mind, biscuits are the true test of a gluten-free flour blend, because none I've tried to this point has given me an acceptable biscuit, much to my eternal Southern disappointment. No amount of cane … Continue reading