A scanner darkly

I’ve admired Katinka Matson‘s work for a few years and decided to try something similar with our lower-end scanner this afternoon. It turned out about as expected, but did yield a couple of cool, ghostly images.



A Thanksgiving request

This year’s Thanksgiving invitation came with a request: Could I bring the same appetizer as last year? Those incredible bacon-wrapped dates? Well, how could I refuse, especially when I had the opportunity to spread the good word about a site called iheartbacon.com? And, as official VM (and now MI) friend Tom says, “The best thing about this recipe is that when you describe it to someone they say ‘Oh My God!’ once after you say ‘bacon-wrapped dates’ and a second time after you say ‘stuffed with goat cheese and almonds.'”

So I woke up at my usual 5:30am and began the preparations. This was the result of my hard work.

I also brought shrimp tartlets with avocado cream and spiced tomato glaze, but didn’t get any pictures of them, since I was too busy scarfing down Paula’s pepperoni-stuffed mushroom caps by the time we put them out.

The State of Your Hair Address

For as long as I can remember, my mom has delivered what I (now) affectionately refer to as The State of Your Hair Address. It was bewildering…how could she so heartlessly pick on ME, her firstborn daughter? But after going through some boxes of old stuff my folks sent me recently, I know exactly how, and why. And, not to be outdone by my husband’s Napoleon Dynamite soul-baring, I now present 12 Years of Bad Hair:

First grade

First grade You may find it hard to tell because I was quite the little actress at this age, but I was miserable here — John Lennon glasses, fiberglass-weave blouse handmade by my grandmother, sweater vest (in south Louisiana), awkward pose. But my lank locks were really the star of the show.

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