Good news

Click on the picture to see the full flickr set. We visited the vet this morning for the first time since Ru's surgery and things are looking pretty good! Gil posted all of the details over at VM, if you'd like the full update. But now, we're getting out of this basement to run errands and pick … Continue reading

Rufus update

Hi, everyone. Thanks so much for all of the good wishes for Ru's speedy recovery. I'm blown away by the support we've received over the past few days. Our boy is home and on the mend, and much happier now that his dad is home, too. Gil posted an update on his site this morning, so check it out. … Continue reading

new post

Hey, all. I owe you a big wrap-up of our last week or so, but my mind is elsewhere today. Ru was attacked by a neighbor's dog yesterday on his afternoon stroll with the dog walker and is at the animal hospital awaiting surgery this morning. Gil's out of town until tomorrow, so I'm just waiting by … Continue reading

Happy 2009

We sprang out of bed at the crack of mid-morning today, and after a strong cup of coffee, I got started on the traditional new year's day meal of black-eyed peas and greens (turnip, this year). Carefully sorting through the beans, I searched for rocks and discarded the misshapen beans, then … Continue reading