Why the long face?

Poor, highstrung Rufus. When a storm strikes, you can find him here in the guest bedroom, curled up with his latest favorite toy for comfort.

The Rufus Report — April 27, 2008

Wait a minute, this isn’t Rufus!

Greyhound Friends of NJ held a Meet & Greet this weekend at Rusty’s Place, our local pet store. We took Rufus down for a couple of hours and he seemed to have a great time meeting and greeting all of the other greys, though he did get a bit tangled up in the other leashes and lost his shit whenever large trucks drove by. (Mr. Sensitive actually dragged me across the parking lot when an especially loud truck passed, which made for a hilarious visual, I’m sure.) But in general, he was pretty well-behaved … whew! Gil and I had a nice time talking with other greyhound owners, who predicted we’ll have another adoption someday; I don’t think any of them had just one dog.

In typical fashion, I snapped a bunch of pictures and have posted my favorites after the jump. As always, to see the full flickr set, click on any image.

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It’s a celebration!


On his two-week anniversary of coming to live with us, Rufus celebrated by tear-assing up the stairs! It’s a huge accomplishment.