Cuteness Overload — Dogs & Kids Edition

I spent the weekend taking lots of pictures, processing lots of pictures and eating out. It was a great change of pace, but leaves me with no recipe to share with you today as I did ZERO cooking. I did open an excellent rosé, but that probably doesn’t qualify, right? On the bright side, this post has a big cuteness factor.

A staff favorite at the West Milford Animal Shelter.
Look at that soulgaze, would you? He’s practically proposing. Available for adoption at the West Milford Animal Shelter.
A funny little guy. Available for adoption at the West Milford Animal Shelter.
PUPPY! OMG PUPPY! Available for adoption at the West Milford Animal Shelter.

As you know if you’ve spent some time here, I volunteer at the West Milford Animal Shelter each week handling the dogs that are staying with us. But I also take pictures and compose flyers to help spread the word about these wonderful animals. We did a big shoot with all of the adoptables on Saturday morning and I tried a different flyer design this time around to really showcase their sweet faces and winning personalities. Check out the slideshow at the top of this page to get to know them, and if you’re local, stop by the shelter for a meeting. You’ll be swept off your feet, I guarantee.

Later in the day, Gil and I met up with one of his old high school friends and his family for lunch at Tuptim Thai in Montclair. The noodles were excellent, I’m very happy to report! After lunch, we ambled across the street so I could take head shots of his friend for a book he’s publishing and I just couldn’t stop myself from photographing his son, too. I mean, how stinkin’ adorable is this kid? (And he has a very adventurous palate, too! I hear he even craves chutney for breakfast, making him a kindred spirit, even if he is only three years old).

I hope you had a great weekend, too. What did you get up to?

Spencer | Amy Roth Photo

Spencer | Amy Roth Photo