Day 16, Swedish Meatballs

2012 Advent Calendar, Day 16
Like Christmas on a plate, wouldn’t you say?

A few weeks ago, Gil and I grabbed lunch with friends at Red Rooster after recording that week’s Virtual Memories podcast in the neighborhood. The restaurant came highly recommended, but I still managed to be surprised by the range of dishes on the menu and how perfectly executed they all were. But if we’ve learned anything from The Highlander, it’s that there can be only one, and I was declared the winner of the ordering war with my somewhat unorthodox lunch: Swedish meatballs with a side of cheese grits.

I can’t say these meatballs are exactly like the ones in the restaurant, even though I followed Marcus Samuelsson‘s recipe to the letter, save for the gluten-free breadcrumbs. Still, they’re well worth your time and far better than any other Swedish meatballs I’ve eaten, barring the original at Red Rooster.

I buy only pastured veal, which is part of  a much larger discussion about animal welfare I hope to get into soon. Whole Foods can be a good resource, though I prefer to stick to vendors at my local farmers’ market whenever possible. If you’re uncomfortable eating veal at all, I’d probably substitute equal parts ground beef and ground pork for it.

Get the recipe here.