Day 24, Southern-Style Cornbread

2012 Advent Calendar, Day 24

It’s a little late to be giving out recipes for homemade gifts, and no doubt your Christmas menu has been planned for a while, so here’s something to keep in mind for New Year’s Day. It’s a naturally gluten-free creamed corn cornbread from none other than Alton Brown, and it’ll be the perfect accompaniment to your black eyed peas and greens, I promise. Like any real southern-style cornbread, it’s not sweet or cakey; instead, it bursts with corn flavor and is quite crumbly. (It’s also wonderful reheated the next morning then crumbled in a small bowl with sugar and milk.)

Find the cornbread recipe here.
And DO NOT use canned creamed corn, but be sure to make this one. You’ll be glad of the leftovers, I promise.

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