Day 3, A Winter Salad

2012 Advent Calendar, Day 3

A salad? What? I’ll admit it’s not sexy, but with all of the indulgences of the season, I welcome this homely little vegetable plate. And it’s a simple thing to throw together, unlike, say, mini apple pies or a gumbo. It’s just the thing to have in your arsenal when you’re rushing out the door in half an hour.

Simply julienne some kohlrabi and tart apples for crunch, add some finely chopped greens for depth, then toss with your favorite vinaigrette. I made this one with spinach, arugula and parsley, and tossed it with a vinaigrette of olive oil, champagne vinegar, grainy Dijon mustard and finely chopped shallots. I feel healthier just looking at it.

Note: I’m planning to open an Etsy store in the new year to sell prints, cards, etc. Tell me: would you like to see these Advent Calendar posts collected into a set of cards with the recipes? Anything else your hearts desire?

3 Replies to “Day 3, A Winter Salad”

  1. Apples in winter salads are so delicious. They’re the perfect sweet foil to all of the richness that abounds during winter. This looks delicious!

  2. Duelling Sara(h)s! Hi. 🙂 I crave salads and rich braises in equal measure during winter, probably each to offset the other.

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