Day 7, For the Coffee Lovers

The best coffee you'll ever drink?

I bought a Chemex for the office so I could enjoy good coffee at my desk, but Gil intercepted it before I remembered to bring it in. He went completely bonkers for the coffee and once I had a cup, I understood why. For years I drank my coffee with milk to mask the bitterness from even the smoothest blend, but no more. I take it black these days and it’s the best thing ever. The coffee’s so remarkable, we now own three Chemexes ā€” the original small size for an individual cup, a larger one for up to four cups, and a new model with a glass handle instead of the wooden corset to send down to my parents’ house for Christmas.

If you have a coffee connoisseur on your gift list, I’m almost positive they’d love to have one.

To get them started on the right foot, check out Brew Methods.

An excellent pot of coffee.
Please ignore the Thanksgiving detritus around the hipster husband.

A good sign of fresh coffee.
If you’re using especially fresh coffee beans, you’ll see this beautiful bloom as you pour water over them.

Gil’s blackout beard is gone now, by the way.

Note: Iā€™m planning to open an Etsy store in the new year to sell prints, cards, etc. Tell me: would you like to see these Advent Calendar posts collected into a set of cards with the recipes? Anything else your hearts desire?

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