Diffuser? I hardly know her!

Despite the prevalence of Advent posts here, Hanukkah Harry’s a generous soul and has been known to visit me on occasion. In addition to a great cookbook from the Official MI Mother-in-Law (more on which later), he brought me something completely unexpected last week — a Gary Fong Flash Diffuser from Claudia at the always-terrific cook eat FRET! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but I did some design work on her banner a few weeks ago and got to know her a little in the process. Long story short, she’s just as awesome as you’d believe reading her posts. I mean, c’mon — supporting my photography habit and we haven’t even met yet? That’s generosity of spirit right there.

And so, onto some test photos! I know almost nothing about using my new speedlight flash, but I think these shots illustrate just how nicely the diffuser will play with the flash once I get up to speed with the technical stuff. Photo below is of our library downstairs, sans flash:


And here, with full direct flash:


And here, with diffuser:


Much nicer, yes? And I haven’t retouched any of them in any way. I think this’ll help my evening pictures quite a bit, since the light situation in our house isn’t, um, good. It’s cozy, but not the best for documenting our dinners.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Claudia! And Hanukkah Harry, for the delivery!

3 Replies to “Diffuser? I hardly know her!”

  1. so my pleasure… you are awesomer…

    so like when you get all this down – could you please clue me in. i got my flash and diffuser and i am – well, maybe i’ll watch the dvd…

    rock on girlie. you have a gifted eye.

  2. I don’t have anything to pass on just yet, but I did use the flash and diffuser last night to take pictures of the cookies in my most recent post. I angled the flash and bounced light from the nearest white wall and it seemed to work well. My biggest problem is the effects of jpg compression — everything looks SO much better before squeezing it down for the web. If you have any special knowledge in that area, please pass it on. 🙂

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