Disco Stew


What does a girl do for sustenance when an ice storm is raging outside and her kitchen counters and oven are laden with sweets? She turns to tried-and-true, low maintenance beef stew! And when her husband decides to make her baking duty even more pleasurable by playing ABBA’s Greatest Hits, well … you get the point of the post.

Opting for a simple approach to this stew given my already busy cooking schedule, I kept the ingredient list short — chuck roast, onions, salt and black pepper, chicken stock, baby portobello mushrooms, fresh thyme and sage. And instead of cooking this stew with copious amounts of red wine the way I usually do, I decided to use stout to give the stew an earthier, richer flavor; it paired nicely with the mushrooms and its richness held up to the buttered egg noodles we served them over.

If only I’d made enough for leftovers.

4 Replies to “Disco Stew”

  1. amy – i want you to know how wonderful it’s been between us. the food, the stories, the photos. i’ve really enjoyed knowing you and the memories will live on for many years to come.
    but alas it is over between us now. because you like abba.

    have a nice life.
    you loser you.

    your ex blogging buddy


  2. it’s SOOOO beef stew season. I like the stout idea bunches. I’m gonna give it a whirl the next time I have a few hours to let something simmer. Thanks for the inspiration!

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