Doug & Wendy Whiner


The boy woke us up at 3am whining to go out, then again at 6:30. I have to keep looking back at cute photos of him not to get too annoyed.

Another food post is coming later today. Promise.

a walk around the neighborhood after the jump

He refused to leave home without his favorite squeaky toy.


“Just back off. I’ve got a squeaky toy and I’m not afraid to use it.”


There were nice sights for us along the way. Here we have Grandpa Tree.


And here some branches that made me happy. March isn’t exactly a riot of color around here.


Gil took the camera from me so I could take the reins for a little while.


There were puh-lenty of smells to keep Rufus occupied.


Gil and Rufus like to jog up the last hill on the way home. Gil was running so fast, both of his feet were off the ground at the same time — look at him go!


And back home. Doesn’t our yard look like a cheesy movie set?


6 Replies to “Doug & Wendy Whiner”

  1. Your neighborhood looks lovely. One of the things I’m most looking forward to about our new place are the trees – dozens and dozens of trees. And being able to take a walk around the neighborhood without getting jumped. Heavenly.

    I have a crush on Rufus.

  2. Jennifer — I saw on your husband’s blog that you’re moving to Providence! Do you have a date set? We just had to put off spending a weekend there visiting friends, but look forward to making the trip again soon. What prompted your move (other than the change in neighborhood)?

    Elaine — He really is too funny with those toys. Even at bedtime when I’m zonked.

  3. We are and we do! We’re going up on the 1st of April but our big move date is 4/22. We were really just ready for a change, and we love New England. Boston’s great but not much cheaper than NYC, and Providence really has the best of both worlds – stuff to see and do plus access to bigger cities.
    Let me know when you guys make it up there again!

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