Field to Feast: Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes are another spring-into-summer crop I crave all year long. I tried the ubiquitous garlic scape pesto a few years ago when it was all the rage, but it was really overpowering to me, so ever since I’ve just grilled them whenever I had a few and the grill was already going. They get a little blackened and a little smoky, and just seem to be the perfect accompaniment to a big, juicy steak.

Garlic Scapes | Minimally Invasive

But times change and we aren’t eating as much meat anymore, and with the rain we’ve had all spring, grilling hasn’t been something at the top of my to-do list, so the scapes have been languishing in the refrigerator. It’d be a shame for them to go bad, so I started thinking about another way to feature them in a garlic scape-forward dish. They can take a bit of abuse and mellow out a lot as they cook, so I thought dry-frying them like green beans would be a perfect treatment. And it was, if you’re a fan of the tingly tongue!

Instead of the traditional preparation which involves deep frying and a sweet sauce, I went with a Szechuan-style stir fry for less oil and more pepper. I found the recipe, as I so often do, at Simply Recipes and subbed garlic scapes for the long beans. It came together in a matter of minutes, though clean-up took a few minutes more because wow, this was one messy dish! I’ll admit that could have been due to my overly-aggressive wok technique, which launched rogue peppercorns and scapes across the counter and, yes, floor, but it didn’t matter. I’d happily make this again, and just accept the clean-up as the cost of doing business.

Szechuan Garlic Scapes | Minimally Invasive

3 Replies to “Field to Feast: Garlic Scapes”

  1. Thanks for the idea to grill the scapes! I have a large bunch from our CSA and already have some pesto in the fridge so I wanted something new.
    Question, do you put any oil on them before grilling, or just throw them on naked?

    1. Hi Tara – I just toss them with a little oil and a generous sprinkling of salt before grilling. Let me know what you think!

  2. Yum. I just ate some garlic scape mashed potatoes made from all CSA veggies, but we still have some scapes left. I think we’ll have to give this a go!

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