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Field to Feast

Once upon a time there was a food photographer in New Jersey who loved to shop at farmers’ markets. This photographer was an avid cook and blogger who took advantage of the local bounty, cooking for herself, her husband and her two loving pups.  It just so happened that the farmer from whom she purchased vegetables, a single mom born and raised on a veggie farm in New York, was also an avid cook and blogger. What started out as a very businesslike transaction over radishes and onions has blossomed into a friendship based upon food, its preparations and the photographing of the results.

Join Amy of Minimally Invasive and Kasha of The FarmGirl Cooks, as they take you on a culinary journey documenting their challenge to create unique dishes using the same in-season ingredients. Because there’s nothing more beautiful than an artfully arranged plate of simply-prepared ingredients at the peak of freshness, the primary ingredients in each pair of dishes will be chosen based upon what looks best growing in the fields and purchased at local farmers markets. Amy’s and Kasha’s goal is to show readers that incorporating seasonal foods into daily cooking is quite effortless and can have stunning results. Please follow along as our chefs bring you the season’s best foods prepared in creative and delicious ways!

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Week 1

Minimally Invasive posted Green Garlic & Radishes
The FarmGirl Cooks posted Green Garlic & Asparagus

Week 2

Minimally Invasive posted Spinach
The FarmGirl Cooks posted Spinach

Week 3

Minimally Invasive posted Strawberries & Rhubarb, Part I
Minimally Invasive posted Strawberries & Rhubarb, Part II
Minimally Invasive posted Strawberries & Rhubarb, Part III
The FarmGirl Cooks posted Strawberries & Rhubarb

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