From the Pinterest Files: Bun Cha

With gorgeous weather expected in the area this weekend (and not at ALL next week), I’ll be grilling as much as possible while I can. If that’s your plan, too, I have a great recipe for you. Instead of slapping another steak or some burgers on the grill, how about trying bun cha (Vietnamese pork meatball and noodle salad) for a light and refreshing, but still fire-kissed, meal?

I pinned the recipe from Saveur a while back, but promptly lost it in the morass of my Pinterest recipe board, which admittedly could use some culling. (Do you have the same problem?) But it popped up again when I did a quick search of my board a couple of weeks ago for something Vietnamese. Hey, I had a craving. Because a well-stocked pantry always helps, I had everything but the main ingredient on hand. Picking up a package of ground pork from Snoep Winkel Farm took all of two minutes, then I was back in the kitchen prepping the meal, which took almost no time at all apart from marinating the meat.

And the meat, oh, the meat! As soon as the meatballs hit the grill, I was blasted with a smell that turned me into a slobber machine on a par with Otis when we promise treaties; it couldn’t have been more embarrassingly textbook Pavlovian, really.

So if you’re still gathering meal ideas for this weekend, give this one a try. I couldn’t ask for a better summer (finally, summer!) meal and think you might just feel the same.