Good morning

I worked up a batch of gluten-free biscuits this morning, adapted from Ms. Edna Lewis‘s recipe. They were just a touch dry so I’ll add more buttermilk next time, but they went down just fine with a little Meyer lemon curd (much more on which later).

Happy first day of spring!

3 Replies to “Good morning”

  1. These look beautiful & delicious, but what did you alter from the original recipe to make them gluten-free? Potato flour? Magic?

  2. Oh, just a few incantations under the supermoon last night. I bought a few bags of Jules Gluten-Free AP Flour a few weeks ago and substituted it one-for-one in the recipe. It feels heavy on the starches and absorbs much more liquid than regular wheat flour, so it’ll take more playing around before I get the recipe just right.

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