Greyhound spaghetti

Greyhound Friends of NJ held another meet & greet at Rusty’s Place today, so we took Rufus down for two hours of panting and butt-sniffing.

These events usually turn into a big tangle of leashes — greyhound spaghetti — as the kids socialize, and today was no exception. (Click on either picture for the full flickr set.)

Not Rufus. This is a sweet boy who’s in foster care after coming off the track only three weeks ago.

I only just realized that I should be mentioning these local meet & greets/adoption fairs in advance so any of you who are interested in meeting some pooches can swing by; I’ll be better about that in the future. There isn’t another one in Ringwood for a while, but the organization sponsors events all over the state, so if you’re interested in learning more about greyhounds or just want to hang out with some charming retirees, click here for more information.

  1. Amy:

    I saw the post headline and thought, “hmmm, that’s a use I never even THOUGHT about!”.

    Sounds like a fun way to raise money and awareness.

    I saw something out of the corner of my eye on the idiot box, about approximately 200(?) greyhounds that had been retired from a track (can’t remember the locale). The woman from whatever REGAP outfit said that none of the dogs would be put down–that all would be placed–that’s gonna take a lot of spaghetti dinners.

    Say, “arf!” to Rufus, for me.