Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

While this is a cooking blog, I often reach into my pantry for DIY beauty treatments, so I’d love to share one of them with you today. I don’t know if my skin qualifies as “mature” juuuust yet, but it isn’t the grease bomb it used to be, so I’ve started to cleanse my face with oils rather than soap, especially in winter. As a result, I’ve accumulated a nice array of skin-friendly oils like apricot, organic jojoba, argan and vitamin E which I love to combine with sugar for a quick scrub. But it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, so I realized that changing the basic recipe can turn it into a lovely gift.

At its most basic, a scrub can be nothing more than salt or sugar plus oil, which you can then build on to your heart’s content. I kept this one simple, blitzing a cup of Himalayan pink salt in a spice grinder, mixing it with an equal amount of apricot oil, then adding a few drops of one of my favorite scented oil blends — Morocco, from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. But you can change up the base oil to the others I’ve mentioned here or pull some from the cupboard — refined coconut oil is wonderful for the skin, olive oil works well if you don’t mind the scent, and even canola oil works in a pinch! Add honey for a skin soothing effect. Instead of scented oils, you can go without or substitute essential oils — peppermint (energizing), lavender (relaxing), frankincense (a natural toner), geranium (improves skin elasticity), myrrh (a strong anti-inflammatory), and the list goes on and on. This site has a lot of great information on essential oils, if you’d like to explore the topic further. You can even add tea leaves — I think I’ll add some ground chamomile leaves in my next scrub for a nice, soothing scent.

So play around with the recipe and make it your own, then package it in a pretty jar tied up with a nice ribbon for a gift.

Be sure to check out Darcie’s post to learn more about the properties of salt scrubs and how she and her daughter enjoy their own beauty products.

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Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub is easily DIY-able and makes a lovely gift.


  • 1 cup Himalayan pink salt
  • 1 cup oil(s) of your choice (see associated post for suggestions)


  • a few drop essential oil (see associated post for suggestions)
  • 1 tablespoon honey


Choose from any number of skin-friendly oils — apricot, jojoba, coconut, argan, or vitamin E, just to name a few — alone or in combination.


Process salt in spice grinder. Finely ground salt can be used in a facial scrub, so if that's your intention, really blitz it!
Mix salt together with remaining ingredients in a bowl. Adjust the amount of oil to your liking.
Pour into clean jar and add ribbon and a tag for gifting.