Homework, and cauliflower

The past two days were less about vacationing (as intended) than about taking a break from my routine and working from home. Still, it was pleasant enough to sleep in a little and not deal with a hellish commute.

Ugh, I sound like such a Pollyanna.

On Day 2 of my “vacation,” I decided a little cooking was in order and gave the Feisty Green Beans from 101 Cookbooks a whirl — with substitutions, of course. Since the main ingredient is out of season, I swapped in a head of cauliflower. Tofu was nixed because I just don’t keep it in the house if I’m not planning to make a specific recipe (usually from Simple Chinese Cooking).

Made according to the recipe otherwise, this dish was spicy enough for me to take notice, which was a very pleasant surprise. But the flavors reminded me enough of my chickpea and spinach curry to realize I’d probably prefer the more aggressive tang of the greek yogurt in that dish to the creme fraiche in this one. (Can’t say I’m anything less than thrilled to have a container of creme fraiche in the fridge now for snacking or dessert purposes, though. We’ll just see what the weekend brings on that front.)