Jam on it


There are very few things I fear in the kitchen. Complicated recipes or out-of-the-ordinary ingredients are usually cause for excitement, but canning just terrifies the bejeezus out of me. It isn’t a case of saving face, because let’s be honest, I can laugh at my mistakes after So Much Experience making them — incinerated fries, losing my place in a lengthy recipe, putting a Thanksgiving dish under the broiler then walking away … just to name a few. Ahem. But canning mistakes are a whole other thing — one slip-up, and you can really do some damage. And a hearty laugh just won’t cut it when you’re headed to the ER.

Problem is, I can’t help but dream of homemade jams when I see the heaping boxes of locally-grown fruit at the Orchards of Concklin booth every Saturday. (And the vendor adores Ru, so we spend a lot of time there chatting and browsing her selections.) But I reached a nice workaround this weekend. I’ve had a wonderful Martha Stewart recipe for peach-rosemary jam bookmarked for this very occasion, so I made a half batch and put it in the fridge. It’s thoroughly delicious and should keep for a month, which should be plenty of time to make the most of it.


After all of the dishes I’ve made with rosemary over the past few weeks, I think the plant is finally under control, so maybe I’ll be able to do something about the sage bush next weekend. And perhaps I’ll take a stab at canning while I’m at it, but don’t hold your breath.

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  1. I’m drooling, Amy –
    also reminiscing about my mother making jam when I was a kid (probably out of necdssity) and putting up all sorts of fruits in Mason jars with was on top, so that we always had dessert in the winter (greengages, etc.) –
    and my father occasionally making wine from Morella cherries (cherry brandy actually) –
    gosh, I didn’t need to have these memories on a Monday morning as I’m getting ready for work – now I’m a basket case – but the memories are all good (and delicious) ones –

  2. LOVE THIS…we must have been channelling each other this weekend!!!!
    i did a bit of peach and nectarine jam with candied ginger.
    too good…
    i’m going to try the rosemary with it next.

  3. Amy, thanks for the really nice comments on my blog!! It means a lot to me since you have been a photography inspiration for me ever since we met last year in Tulsa. I have to say honestly that I would not have ever taken a food photo at all if it were not for your blog, reading about your food adventures and enjoying your excellent photography. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity sometime soon to sit down and share F-Stop and Aperture anecdotes!

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