Lest you think I only post the success stories…

After the success of the grilled salmon with blueberry salsa, I decided to try my hand at a similar combination over the weekend — grilled shrimp with peach salsa. (The original plan was for pork and peaches, but we had dim sum Saturday, which pretty much topped off our pork tanks for the week.) And “meh” doesn’t even come close to describing it. I’m practically dozing off just writing about it now.

It was a good idea in theory — ripe peaches with brandy, cilantro, red onion, cumin, and jalapeno. What could go wrong? I blame the peaches, which were ripe and smelling quite peachy, but tasted like not much of anything, to be honest. I tried doctoring them with pineapple juice and a touch of brown sugar, but to no avail. The best parts of the salsa were the red onion and jalapeno, which do not a complete salsa make.

So it’s back to the drawing board. I’ll try the peaches at the market again this weekend to see if they’re better this time around, and if the weather cooperates, I’ll grill them, too. But perfecting this one’s going to take some work, I can tell…

4 Replies to “Lest you think I only post the success stories…”

  1. It looks purty, at least.

    I’m just flummoxed when the taste is missing, especially in something like this that should have such strong flavors. I had a similar experience with this kind of stuffed, baked peppers with sauce thingy. Should have been a flavor sensation and then … eh.

  2. Also, I love your new header! I’m missing out by only following you in my Google reader.

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