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Hey, all. I owe you a big wrap-up of our last week or so, but my mind is elsewhere today. Ru was attacked by a neighbor’s dog yesterday on his afternoon stroll with the dog walker and is at the animal hospital awaiting surgery this morning. Gil’s out of town until tomorrow, so I’m just waiting by the phone and cleaning the house from top to bottom to keep busy.

The situation is especially infuriating because this same dog (a husky) broke through his electric fence and attacked another dog just two weeks ago and it seems the owners didn’t do enough to make sure it couldn’t happen again. So our boy has a big chunk of his haunch missing and needs one surgery today to install a rubber drain and another in a month or so to remove the drain and close the wound. (Ru’s vet took plenty of pictures of the wounds and his office notified the police department, so thank goodness that was taken care of before I even got there.)

So I rushed home from work and got to the animal hospital in time to see him before they closed for the evening.

He was even more pitiful than this when I first saw him, but at least his bed made him comfortable.

There was some panting, but he was loopy from the pain meds, so he wasn’t in a bad mood at all. I think he enjoyed the dirty t-shirt I brought for him, too.

But even getting his favorite new toy (John Calamari or Squid Vicious, depending on which one of us you ask) didn’t stop him from accusing me with his eyes when I was ready to go.

a week’s wrap-up after the jump

Since I won’t be writing a proper post, here are a few pictures of our Toronto trip with a bit of commentary for you. (As always, click on any picture to go to the full flickr set.)

Yoshiro Tatsumi, one of the guests at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which provided our excuse for visiting the city again.

And hey, there’s Seth! I’m stupid and didn’t think to take a picture of Chester Brown, so you’ll just have to visit Gil’s flickr set to see him in all his glory.

As if daily visits to Tim’s and Lai Wah Heen weren’t enough, we got to enjoy Porter Airlines, the only way to fly. The designer in me loved everything about it, from the flight attendants’ perky hats to the in-flight magazine. The lunch they served (on a one-hour flight) wasn’t bad, either.

We also visited family. Yay, family! Here you see the Levins. Hi, Levins.

And I actually have been cooking, just a little bit:

Huevos rancheros with extremely spicy black beans, which rendered our jalapeno salsa completely unnecessary.

Mushroom tart, adapted from Martha Stewart with the additions of thyme and sherry vinegar, and substituting aged gruyere for the goat cheese. Because, as much as I like goat cheese, I’m just kind of over it at the moment.

And because Andrew (three photos up, on the right) thinks I have some sort of reputation for only enjoying special meals (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA), I wanted to include something that’s just as representative of the way we eat around here. Behold – chickpea salad! No out-of-the-ordinary ingredients, just chickpeas, lemon zest & juice, olive oil, shallot, tomato, and salt & pepper. And probably red pepper flakes, if I know myself at all. Nom.

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  1. As I posted with Gil, I’ll be praying for Rufus’s speedy recovery as well as a bolt of lightning (perhaps figurative, perhaps literal) to descend on the neighbors to give them a clue…

  2. Oh, sweetie, how horrible! Keeping you guys in my thoughts, and hoping for a smooth and successful surgery for your sweet Rufus. Not to mention swift justice for the irresponsible jerks in your neighborhood.

  3. Thanks so, so, so much everyone. The good thoughts mean a lot to us, truly. Rufus has quite a few friends, even if some of the well wishers haven’t yet met him in person.

    As of yesterday, the neighbors said they’d pay his medical bills, so I’m hoping they follow through on it.

  4. Rufus’ St. Louis family is wishing him well. Poor guy. And poor you guys.

  5. So sorry about Rufus! Hope surgery goes well. Maybe those neighbors will realize they need a REAL fence to keep their dog confined. Keeping fingers crossed for you that they come through with med bill payment. Don’t let it slide. Keep them informed , as when they see the bill they may change their minds. Here’s hoping that dog doesn’t bite another dog or person. Big hugs for Rufus!!

  6. I know this is old, but is your dog all right?
    He’s soooo cute.

    I don’t trust those electric fences one bit. My deceased dog (a German Shepherd) would have gone through one set to ‘maim’ if there was something appealing enough on the other side. She wasn’t in any way vicious, she just enjoyed running away.

    Anyway, I hope Rufus is now 100% repaired!

    I vote for Squid Vicious.

  7. Hi Vanessa, and thanks. Ru handled the whole thing much better than my husband, actually. He’s perfect again, but with a couple of big, badass scars that make him look like he was a complete degenerate during his time on the track. A little revisionist history helps any bio, and ear tattoos and scar tissue drive all the chicks wild.

    And trust me on the St~Germain cocktail. So glad I delurked.

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