No such thing as “one & done”

Introducing Otis B. Driftwood Roth, who is already a pro at this camera thing.

Rufus got a little brother today! Since we believe in division of labor in this house, Gil did a great writeup over at VM, while I’ve got the pictures right here.

more of Otis & Ru after the jump

Another gorgeous grey — let’s hope he isn’t a tick-magnet like his brother.

He seems to enjoy a good lounge about as much as you’d expect.

These eyes — don’t they just melt you?

Honestly, he could kill with these eyes.

OK, he could REALLY kill with these eyes.

He’s been a bit of a momma’s boy, sticking to me like glue, but I managed to take a few pictures when he was distracted.

Ru’s been really great about it — either making room for Otis or just ignoring the interloper.

One thing they have in common is their love of sleep.

Another thing? Big ol’ booties.

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  1. Otis is beautiful! He looks just like ours. We have “chipped” in the past and it is quite an adventure. They will tear it up for 5 minutes then sleep it off for 5 hours. It is very funny how this breed hip bumps one another. Enjoy them!!

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