Odds & ends

I’ve finally accepted that I’ll never get around to writing the posts that have been sitting in my drafts folder, so here’s a mish-mash of images with no coherent thread. Enjoy!

Yum. My chive plant resurrected itself this year and before I knew it, there were loads of gorgeous blossoms on my balcony.

Found some colorful rainbow chard and spring garlic at the first farmers’ market of the season, so I threw together a quick chard agro dolce with balsamic vinegar and dried cherries. The salmon was coated with grainy dijon and topped with panko bread crumbs before I seared it on the stove.

Saw this gorgeous orchid (I think) on one of Rufus’s early morning walks.

Another neighborhood sight.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed the late afternoon sun streaming through a drinking glass, making beautiful designs on the kitchen counter.

Salt-roasted pink potatoes. Salt roasting is much easier than I thought, so I’ll definitely try this out with a whole fish sometime.

Red quinoa…

Wonderful over baked eggs.

You see the funniest sights heading into the city.

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