Over the hump


Sixty-nine years ago today, Gil’s grandparents introduced his mother to the world. One year ago today, we introduced Rufus into our lives. March 8th is a big day around here.

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Tomorrow is my friend Riece’s 40th birthday! Hop on over to his website, check out his artwork and wish the old man a happy day!

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My cousin Wade (the fellow on the left, next to his two brothers) had a birthday last week. We weren’t able to celebrate with him, but I hear his wife treated him to a fine meal at a great restaurant. Send him belated birthday wishes here!

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ANDOHMYGODITURNED40LASTWEEK. Still not sure how that happened. (Btw, that’s not a party above, just a picture snapped at dinner last summer with our friend Sam. Hi, Sam! We’ll see you again in May!)

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