Panna Cotta

gluten-free dessert

Gil and I go to Fairway entirely too often, or more frequently than we need to, anyway. It’s usually because Gil’s running low on the only dried figs that meet his standards, but if you turn me loose in a well-stocked grocery, I’m going to do some damage whether I have a list or not. Gil and I tend to divide our labor unnecessarily; he pushes the cart while I scan the aisles, but he wanders off while I’m picking up groceries, so I spend the next 10 minutes looking for him. Fun times! But we never learn, so our last visit found me wandering around the produce section with my arms full when I spotted him back by the entrance, gazing longingly at fresh figs.

Which never last. That’s why he doesn’t buy them.

But these figs were calling his name, so he challenged me to do something with them before they turned brown and moldy, which usually happens within 3.7 seconds of hitting the fridge. They actually sat there like a tickingĀ time bomb for three days before I got around to making this panna cotta, but all turned out well in the end. I remembered the beautiful coconut panna cotta photo posted at Inspiring the Everyday and wanted to create my own low(ish) fat version with goat’s milk. A quick stop by David Lebovitz’s blog gave me a perfect panna cotta recipe, and I was off!

I infused goat’s milk with almonds for the base instead of using a mixture of milk and cream in an effort to lighten it. I’m generally fine with rich desserts, but wasn’t feeling it at the time. The topping came straight from the coconut panna cotta recipe, only I used vanilla sugar, which I always have on hand instead of the plain sugar plus vanilla bean.

Since I enjoyed this so much, I probably won’t discourage Gil from filling the cart with his own finds next time we’re wandering the aisles at Fairway.

4 Replies to “Panna Cotta”

  1. They look delicious…..
    Must be a guy thing. Brendan runs of with the cart because he gets bored following me around. Meanwhile, I get pretty bored running around with an awkward armload of stuff looking for him šŸ˜‰

  2. I always think I like figs more than I actually do. I’ll buy them, solely so I can cut them open and stare with fascination at their geode interiors. And then I’ll put them back in the fridge, where they sit and wither away.

    Using them up is a challenge. I feel you.

  3. Hi Linda – I actually love figs and would be perfectly happy just sitting down to a bowl of them, but I wanted to do something with them this time. I did have a few for inspiration.

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