Pastalaya, crawfish frittata, buffet at Pancho’s

The Hank Williams classic updated for 2009, which is a roundabout way of saying I spent last weekend visiting family in Des Allemands for my nephew’s 7th birthday. The food was terrific (as usual), and the company even more so, though the birthday boy completely ignored his auntie. Oh, well. That’s a little boy for you.

I didn’t take many pictures this time around, but did manage to snap this one, which is quickly becoming a favorite:

My new cousin, who couldn’t quite decide about me.

While I was away, Gil and The Ambassador stopped by the farmers’ market to pick up a few things for me, but I didn’t have a chance to use all of the spinach and arugula during the week. After getting fresh supplies this Saturday, I decided to use the week-old produce in one shot with a pesto to go with some leftover whole wheat pasta. It was all very free-form, but here’s how it went.

I toasted two handfuls of walnuts until they were warm and fragrant, then put them in the food processor to cool while I worked on the the rest of the pesto.


After they’d cooled somewhat, I pulsed them with a clove of garlic until the whole thing smelled like heaven, assuming your idea of heaven is warm walnuts and garlic.


I added about one part spinach to two parts arugula, filling the bowl of the processor twice before pulsing; that’s the amount of the greens I had on hand, but you can adjust to taste.


There was also quite a bit of Parmesan, good olive oil, zest from 1/2 lemon, and salt & pepper, all blended together until I was left with a satisfyingly bright green mess.


Which, when tossed with leftover whole wheat pasta, became an easy, light lunch, perfect for the oppressively humid day.


Rufus after the jump.


Thanks to Gil’s neurotic loving attention, Rufus has healed so well that the vet was able to remove most of his stitches Friday! Dr. A also gave us permission to take Rufus on walks around the neighborhood again now that he can’t do as much damage to himself when he bumps into things. (There’s a reason Mr. Collided on First Turn retired so early.) This was excellent news all around, as you can imagine. Gil’s been going crazy with the constant housebound supervision, and Ru’s been itching to get out for the past week or so; you can see how eagerly he’s pulling Gil down the street.

But no walk around the neighborhood would be complete without pictures of random trees, plants, etc.


Rufus is still getting his wind back. Here you see our pooped-but-happy boy, doing his best impression of a dead cockroach.