This weekend, Gil and I made a quick and early excursion to the farmers’ market (Rufus overheats easily), but still managed to return home with bags bursting from the beautiful fruits and vegetables and pickles and pies and herbs on display. I was unable to resist much, so I’ll be doing a lot of cooking (for one) this week before the greens wilt and strawberries turn to mush.

The very first things I put to use from our haul were sugar snap peas and asparagus. I sautéed them lightly in butter and olive oil with garlic and reconstituted morels, then steamed them till tender with a little of the morel liquid. I topped the vegetables with chives and thyme from my herb garden and was very happy, indeed, until I had the bright idea to serve it with red snapper fresh from the freezer. And quelle surprise! the fish wasn’t so great, but it’s finally convinced me of the need to find a good fish market in the area. If anyone out there knows of a good one in Passaic or Bergen county, let me know.

Because I have real trouble letting anything go to waste, it was a happy day when I saw a recipe for chilled pea pod soup at Chocolate & Zucchini. I plan to make this until the market runs out of snap peas; it was light, delicious, and refreshing, especially topped with a spoonful of crème fraiche and more chives from my herb garden. Yum.

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  1. Not sure I have any right to be giving advice on Northern NJ as I’ve not lived there in a decade, but when has that ever stopped me? For what it’s worth, when I’m visiting my parents in Bergen County, I usually rely on the Whole Foods in Ridgewood for seafood. There used to be a store in Westwood called Butch’s that was pretty good, but I seem to recall that it closed in the last few years. (Also, local trivia: Butch’s was the bricks-and-mortar version of an operation formerly known as “The Fish Truck.” The owners would drive their truck back and forth to Maine, park the truck near the train station in Emerson, and peddle their wares out of the back of the truck. All the fish I ate as a kid came out of the back of that truck.)

  2. I love the Fish Truck story! My parents rarely buy seafood at a grocery store even now; living in a fishing community has its benefits. 🙂

    Whole Foods is the only store that came to mind when I first posted this, but I hate the parking situation there. Maybe if we go early in the day…

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