Photo Shoot: The Wood Pit BBQ

Earlier this week, I spent a great afternoon with Lawrence and Kim at The Wood Pit in Montclair, NJ, shooting images for their website. Gil and I have been a huge fans of this restaurant since we fortified ourselves there before a Willie Nelson concert last year, so I was thrilled to finally go behind the scenes and watch Lawrence work his magic. I so rarely write about restaurants here, I’m sure I didn’t tell you about it on any of the occasions we visited, but if I had, it probably would’ve gone something like this: “Amazing BBQ. Go. Now.”

It’s a small, friendly place that gets all of the essentials so right I’d have a hard time recommending anything in particular, but if pressed, I’d encourage you to start with an order of chicken wings followed by the brisket on your first visit. Brisket’s the true test of a barbecue place (IMHO) and I’m pretty sure they’ve earned the tag “The Best BBQ in New Jersey” on that dish alone. And don’t forget dessert when you’re there. Kim bakes Southern-style sweets with a twist; she sent me home with a huge piece of her bread pudding with crumb topping after the shoot and I almost didn’t share it with Gil, despite it containing all of the gluten.

If you’d like to see more of the photos from the shoot, visit the Recent Work tab of my portfolio here. And if you’re craving barbecue now, visit The Wood Pit and tell them Amy sent you.


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  1. Oh, I insisted, though it didn’t take much arm-twisting. I figured Willie’s remaining days are few…

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