Pixie pix

A few favorite snaps of my nieces from last weekend. First up is Sela, the birthday girl…tomboy, daredevil and sometimes-clown:


Followed closely by big sister Liat…ballerina, singer and actress:


5 Replies to “Pixie pix”

  1. These are all REALLY great captures. The thing I love about digital photography is that it makes it so much easier to create memories and have them. That one in the striped bikini is ten kinds of adorable!

  2. These are gorgeous, Amy, although I’d expect nothing less from your discerning eye. They not only are visually stunning, but do capture the fun and love present in the Roth family…

  3. Thanks so much everybody, but it’s impossible to take a bad picture of these gorgeous creatures.

  4. What are you, like an artist or something? Great collages! Thanks for makin’ a momma proud!

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