Pucker Up

I’ve been behind the curve on many things in my life: growing hips, getting married, watching The Wire…just to name a few. Knowing this, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise (at least to me) that I’m only now discovering Meyer lemons, but it sort of is. Oh, it’s not that I haven’t tried to use them for the past couple of years; it’s that they were awfully elusive/sold out whenever I thought to look. But our local Whole Foods has had a good supply these past few weeks, so I’ve more than made up for lost time.

(For anyone else who suffers from the same predicament as me, you can find a good Meyer lemon disquisition here.)

It’s pretty easy to plan an entire meal around the Meyer lemon if you try just a little, so I dug around and found a simple, elegant pasta recipe at The Amateur Gourmet and put my own spin on it with smoked fish straight from my brand new Camerons Stovetop Smoker. (Thanks again for the birthday present, Naomi!) In that heady state of new toy-infatuation, I did two versions of the pasta — one with smoked salmon and one with smoked trout. I thought the salmon was delicious on its own, but too assertive for the rest of the flavors in the pasta. The trout, though, was perfection. It mingled nicely with the zest, crème fraîche and greens without overshadowing any of them.

Hard as it was to do, I saved a little room for dessert. Earlier in the day I found a recipe at Thursday Night Smackdown for a Meyer lemon curd so delicious it almost didn’t make it to the refrigerator. I put the leftover egg whites to good use and made pavlovas from Simply Recipes. So we ate, essentially, an upside-down lemon meringue pie, only I didn’t have to deal with the annoying crust.

Sweet lemon clouds. Heavenly.

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  1. As always gorgeous food photography and a great read. Thanks for sharing your experiences with these recipes!

  2. Hey, thank you, Simon! I highly recommend either recipe if you have access to a good stash of Meyer lemons.

  3. Thank you, everyone! I just bought a bunch of meyer lemons over the weekend; instead of trying something new, I might just redo these dishes. We enjoyed them so much.

  4. Just so you know. This was very much appreciated. I found this totally by accident on pinterest right after a neighbor dropped off a huge bag of Meyers. I’m making both of these for dinner tonight and then preserving the rest (preserved Meyers are the best,). Thank you!

  5. Hi,

    I love your photos! Is there an actual recipe for the Pavlovas with lemon curd? Can you please share it? My mom always made the meringues, but never with a filling and I would love to try it.


  6. Hi Blake – I added a link for the pavlova recipe in the post. The lemon curd was just spread over the top, so it was easy to assemble. If you really want a decadent dessert, add a spoonful of whipped cream before serving.

  7. How does one get to the recipes?? I have a Meyer lemon tree just busting with ripeness right now.

    1. Hi Jehna. I’m so jealous of your Meyer lemon situation! The recipe I used is linked within the post at “The Amateur Gourmet.”

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