Punched-Up Broccoli

Gluten-Free Side Dish

Roasted vegetables. < yawn > Sure, why not? They’re easy to make and tasty enough, but damned by faint praise. When was the last time they thrilled you? On a menu, they’re usually the healthful choice rather than the one you expect to knock your socks off, and at home, the basic olive oil/salt/pepper/garlic toss isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. So it’s always nice to add a little pizzazz to them.

This Food & Wine recipe for roasted broccoli sounded promising on the pizzazz front. It’s roasted very simply, then tossed with a garlicky compound butter and broiled for a few minutes to brown the top. Because I didn’t have four pounds of broccoli, I worked with what was in my refrigerator, adding some carrots sliced on the diagonal to bulk up the dish, and messing around with the compound butter a bit. I ended up with a bagna cauda-inspired butter by blending in a little anchovy paste and some meyer lemon zest (though regular lemons will work once meyers are out of season).

All in all, it’s a delicious way to punch up some roasted vegetables without much added work. For a more substantial side, I’d probably top it with breadcrumbs tossed with the butter before setting the dish under the broiler.

Another great way to add some dimension to your roasted vegetables, especially of the root variety, is to toss them with an equal parts miso-butter-Dijon mixture. Absolutely delicious, with a completely different flavor profile from the above.