Rufus update

Hi, everyone. Thanks so much for all of the good wishes for Ru’s speedy recovery. I’m blown away by the support we’ve received over the past few days. Our boy is home and on the mend, and much happier now that his dad is home, too.

Gil posted an update on his site this morning, so check it out. I’ll have more here over the next few days, plus tales of grilling if the weather stays sunny.

Have a great weekend!

4 Replies to “Rufus update”

  1. I just read this about poor Rufus. My heart goes out to you both and of course Ru. His eyes say it all. I’m glad to see he’s back home and recovering. We had our IGs attacked by unleashed/unfenced dogs and it can be such a helpless feeling.

    I read on Gil’s site about maybe bringing the guest bed down – you’ll get no grief from me! When our IGs broke their legs my husband and I took apart our bed and slept on the floor and have even been known to sleep on sofa cushions for longer than I’d like to admit.

    Sending big hugs!!

  2. Thanks so much, both of you. He’ll be crated for a few more days at least, so we’ll drag the bed down to the basement. It’ll be so much more comfortable than the sofa!

  3. Well, of course you’ll take the bed to the basement….who wouldn’t!! I’m so glad he’s home and with you guys. You will have a wonderful weekend having him back where you can keep an eye on him.
    Our dogs, Lucy and Lily, send best wishes to that handsome boy!
    Mary Coleman and Groom

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