Season’s greetings from the Roths


Hi all, and happy Hanukkah! We had slightly non-traditional latkes (fried in duck fat) for breakfast this morning as a late start to the festivities, but there’s been a distinct lack of cooking going on around here otherwise. I’ll try to do better by you, but can’t promise anything until next weekend.

Instead, you get cute holiday pictures of the dogs after the jump!


Handsome, and very treat-motivated.


With Christmas coming up soon (far too soon, actually, considering I haven’t really started shopping yet), we took the boys out to Rusty’s Place for pictures with Santa! The whole greyhound gang posed for one and all managed to face the camera at the same time, however briefly:



14 Replies to “Season’s greetings from the Roths”

  1. Gorgeous!
    Maybe it’s just the black background and the serious expressions, but the fist couple of pics remind me of the portraits on the wall in Napoleon Dynamite’s house.

  2. Yes, Tina! That’s exactly what I was going for — a cheesy Sears Portrait Studio kind of look! I’m totally going to ghost a reflection behind Rufus now that you bring up Napoleon Dynamite. 😀

  3. Did i convert you to potato latkes in duck fat? 🙂 Quite tasty, isn’t it?
    The pictures of the dog are amazing. Wow. You are soo talented!

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