Second-child syndrome

It was Otis’s birthday last week and I completely let it go by without mentioning it here. So…happy belated birthday, Otie!


Yes, that’s a band-aid on his ear. He tangled with a thorn bush on an afternoon walk last week and, to hear Gil tell it, the whole thing looked like a horror show with blood everywhere, even on Rufus. At least one tiny bandage took care of everything.


“No, really, I’ll be fine…SIGH.”


If you haven’t heard, April is Adopt a Greyhound month. I’m clearly biased, but I think they’re just incredible animals; I don’t think we’ll ever not have one cockroached at the foot of our bed. If you think you might like to rescue a former racer (and are in NJ), I highly recommend Greyhound Friends of New Jersey — they’ve been a wonderful resource.

  1. aren’t I a terrible grandma! – happy belated birthday, dear Otis!

  2. Amy – Just stumbled upon your page looking (oddly) for a photo of Doug & Wendy Whiner. Anyway… thought your greyhound photos are fantastic! My husband and I had Ripley and Janie in our home for many years. Very cool to see someone else has had bizarre experiences with the greys too. You are doing a great thing rescuing these guys, and they look so happy! Congrats.