It’s the Simple Things

I call this picture “Grocery store bouquets + patience”.

Sorry I’ve been away all week, but there has been precious little cooking going on around here. See, I decided that I just had to paint our living room because I couldn’t take the mottled walls anymore. Of course, when your house is basically an open plan, painting the living room also involves painting the dining room, the hallway, the entryway (complete with a 12-foot ceiling) and the kitchen ceiling. So my everything hurts and I’m exhausted by the end of the day. Boo-hoo.

BUT it’s going to look great in here when I’m done! And in the meantime, I have these pretty little flowers to keep me visually satisfied.

Then it’ll be time to build shelves in the dining room and perhaps retile the downstairs bathroom. Oh, and refinish a mid-century-ish nightstand I bought for a song from Craigslist. Busy, busy…