Snacktime Redux

Grilled Avocados with Herbs | Amy Roth Photo

In my ongoing to quest to get MOAR AVOCADO in my diet, I took advantage of an already-hot grill to make these luscious beauties that were inspired by a post on Love Life.

Grilled Avocados with Tomatoes and Herbs | Amy Roth Photo

To make them for yourself, just lightly oil the cut side of avocado and lemon halves then grill until the avocados have grill marks and are heated through, and the lemons are lightly charred and caramelized. Chop up whatever herbs you have on hand (parsley, thyme, lemon thyme, chives and basil in my case) then mix with a good olive oil and salt, toast some nuts (pine nuts here), and slice some cherry tomatoes. Top the avocado halves with the herbs, nuts and tomatoes, then give the caramelized lemons a good squeeze over the whole mess.

Grilled Avocados | Amy Roth Photo

Good luck limiting yourself to just one (half).

It looks like Food52 had avocado on the brain, too. Check out all of the scrumptious entries to their avocado contest here.

  1. You have my mouth watering! Can’t wait to do these for Wade!

  2. OMG, my mouth was watering before I even realized that those beautiful tomates and herbs weren’t on toast, but grilled avocado! YES, PLEASE.

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  8. Yummy! Looks so delicious and healthy. Can I have the two halves for dinner? Or just one? Thanks!

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  19. I’m going to try this and change it up a bit. By tossing in the tomatoes with olive oil and herbs and heating roasting a few minutes and sprinkling goat cheese in top. 🙂 This is a delicious recipe. Thank you.

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