Pimiento Cheese

Now this post is near and dear to my heart. I doubt you'll find many southern families that don't have a bowl of pimiento cheese in their fridge from time to time. It's just one of those things we love without question or hesitation. While Darcie is a yankee-girl, we forgive her that failing … Continue reading

Parmesan Crisps

Parmesan crisps are usually found in salads, where you've likely encountered them over the years without giving them much thought. But I think these crisps are a delicious snack on their own — delicate and lacy, but aggressively flavorful — and pair incredibly well with champagne or other … Continue reading

A New Look + The Winter Market

It's done! Nearly eight years after starting this blog, I gave it a major design overhaul last week! And thank goodness; I just couldn't look at that raggedy old thing any longer. My lack of anything resembling technical knowledge kept me from tackling it for all those years, but I figured I'd give … Continue reading

Day 13, Pear Pizzas

There will be more DIY gifts and desserts to come, but for now, kick back, hang out with the family (or friends, or pets), and make some pizza. Maybe put on a movie and some comfy loungewear and enjoy an evening in. I was inspired by both the arrival of the new Cup4Cup Pizza Crust Mix in … Continue reading

Triple-Garlic Pizza

Or, the whole of the pie is greater than the sum of its alliums. We visited the last monthly winter market this weekend to find the very first sign of Spring — wild garlic — at Nina's booth. She's my go-to source for fresh eggs and local honey, but she always has some lagniappe I … Continue reading