Bacon Pralines

I know, I know. It's gimmicky. Been done to death. Horribly unhealthy, etc. And I'm really not one to indiscriminately add bacon to things — especially sweets — but it's something I always suspected might be worth the indulgence, so I'm not sorry for this praline adulteration. Not one … Continue reading

Cranberry-Gin Cocktail

DRINKS WEEK! DRINKS WEEK! DRINKS WEEK! OK, maybe we’re a little excited about this week around these parts, but it's a fun one, and we have a beautilicious beverage to kick things off — Cranberry-Gin Cocktail with Candied Cranberries. Darcie's original recipe has a great sweet-tart kick … Continue reading
Crunchy Cheddar-Bacon Dog Treats

Cheddar-Bacon Dog Treats

Darcie and I are both dog lovers, so today's post was a given for this year's Advent Calendar. Gil and I adopted Ru (aka Rufus T. Firefly Roth) nearly nine years ago and, while we've always kept him active and never go crazy with his food, we don't hold back from giving him treats he enjoys. … Continue reading

Sichuan Party Mix

We started yesterday with sweet, and move on to spicy today with this savory and tongue-tingling Sichuan Party Mix. Check out Darcie's post for a little backstory involving her days in Shanghai, which provided the inspiration for this terrific recipe! For a roundup of all of our Advent Calendar … Continue reading