Himalayan Salt Scrub | Amy Roth Photo

Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

While this is a cooking blog, I often reach into my pantry for DIY beauty treatments, so I'd love to share one of them with you today. I don't know if my skin qualifies as "mature" juuuust yet, but it isn't the grease bomb it used to be, so I've started to cleanse my face with oils rather than … Continue reading

New Stuff + A Cookbook Giveaway

One benefit of working from home is having the freedom to tackle DIY projects gradually without sacrificing valuable weekend time. And one drawback of working from home is having the freedom to tackle DIY projects gradually. Last summer, I jumped into a major house painting project that ended … Continue reading

Day 11, Homemade Vanilla Extract

As promised, homemade vanilla extract! Once you try this yourself, you may wonder what took you so long to get with the program. The principles are simple — choose a liquor for the base that's about 40% alcohol, add vanilla beans and wait — but the results are extraordinary. I keep dark … Continue reading

Day 10, Flavored Salts

Flavored salts are so easy to make and they're such a great way to punch up dishes at home. Cook with them or use them as finishing salts — either way, they'll impart loads of flavor. I made three versions for you today. Doesn't this just look like Christmas with the red chiles … Continue reading

DIY Ginger Ale

I can't even remember why now, but earlier this week I decided I needed to make homemade ginger ale and started googling. It turns out to be very simple — just a few tablespoons of ginger syrup + a cup of club soda, so I knocked that out this afternoon, post-nap. I used Ming Tsai's recipe … Continue reading